Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride

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publicado em julho/13/2024

Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride
Learn about the fierce and longstanding rivalry between Grêmio and Novo Hamburgo, two football clubs from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride

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The state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil is renowned for its passionate football culture, and within this fervor lies a captivating rivalry between two prominent clubs – Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense and Esporte Clube Novo Hamburgo. Born out of regional pride, historical clashes, and memorable encounters, the matches between these teams have become anticipated events filled with excitement.

Historical Background:
Founded on September 15th, 1903 in Porto Alegre, Grêmio has etched itself into Brazilian football history as one of the most successful clubs. The team's achievements include multiple national championships (Brasileirão), several Copa do Brasil titles, Libertadores Cups (the prestigious South American club competition) in 1983 and recently in 2017, as well as an Intercontinental Cup win against European giants Hamburg SV.

Novo Hamburgo:
Established on May 1st, 1911 in the city of Novo Hamburgo located just north of Porto Alegre, E.C. Novo Hambugro has a rich heritage despite being considered an underdog compared to their counterparts. The club competes regularly at Campeonato Gaúcho (Rio Grande do Sul's state league) but hasn't yet received major national or international recognition.

Rivalry Origins:
The intense rivalry developed due to factors such as proximity between cities (approximately a distance of only about forty kilometers) along with their socio-economic differences - Novo Hamburgo emerging as an industrial center while Porto Alegre attracted better resources and investments.

Historical Matches:
The grudge between Grêmio and Novo Hamburgo can be traced back to their first encounter in 1937, though the rivalry only gained significant traction during the '90s. Matches between these two clubs have seen contrasting outcomes - some ending with exhilarating victories for one team while others with closely fought draws or defeat.

Noteworthy Encounters:
1. 1993 Gauchão Final: Considered by many as a turning point in the rivalry, Novo Hamburgo stunned the football community by defeating Grêmio 2-0 in both legs of the Gauchão (Rio Grande do Sul's state championship) final. This victory marked their only championship at this level in history.
2. 2017 Victory: In a memorable Copa Libertadores match held at Estádio do Vale (Novo Hamburgo's home stadium), Grêmio managed to secure a hard-fought victory over Novo Hamburgo with a late goal that left supporters of both teams on the edge of their seats.
3. Goal Fest Clash: During an electrifying Campeonato Gaúcho match in 2019, Grêmio thrashed Novo Hamburgo by an astounding scoreline of 6-0, reinforcing their dominance on regional grounds.

Fan Culture:
Both clubs boast passionate fanbases that bring vibrancy and loyalty to matches featuring them. The supporters from Porto Alegre sing rousing chants from start to end, creating a fantastic atmosphere at Grêmio matches, especially prevalent at Arena do Grêmio – their modern state-of-the-art stadium known for its sea of blue and black colors.
On the other hand, Novo Hamburgo enthusiasts display unwavering commitment despite having fewer numbers compared to those from Porto Alegre given their underdog status. Their lively presence at Estádio do Vale adds a unique dimension to the matches.

Current Scenario:
In recent times, Grêmio has continued their successful streak, competing regularly in national and international championships while Novo Hamburgo aims for further recognition with notable performances at Campeonato Gaúcho.

The rivalry between Grêmio and Novo Hamburgo transcends much more than just football. It symbolizes regional pride, a testament to the rich footballing culture that exists in Rio Grande do Sul. With each match, the two teams ignite passions, creating unforgettable memories for players and fans alike.
Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride

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Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride

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Grêmio x Novo Hamburgo: A Rivalry Rooted in Regional Pride

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